Monday, August 29, 2016

Be Done With Information Overload Forever

Has building your business taken forever? What have your results been? If you are not getting any results after a week or a bit more of building a business online, this article could prove to be very important to you.

 I am going to help you learn now.

Do you know what my biggest problem was?

In building my business, I got in the rut of the 'study phase', also known as information overload.

The truth is that information overload doesn't really exist. It is just a way to avoid taking action. You don't have a problem if you put into action all that you learn at the time you learn it.

When you read about something, put it into action right away. And that means now, not later. Next week, tomorrow or a couple of hours from now is too late because if it is put off at all, you most likely won't get it done. So right now is the time, later means you have wasted your time.

Want to save a lot of money and time? Here is a secret that will do that for you.

There is no such thing as an ebook or software program that will magically make you wealthy overnight with no work on your part.

I know it sounds obvious reading it but so many people go out and buy every new internet marketing program that comes out. And that really is not necessary. Actually it's counter productive.

It is a distraction that keeps you from following the basic steps needed to operate your online business.
Do what you need to do. Follow a plan that works consistently and take action on a daily basis.
What more do you need to know? Consistent action equals no more information overload.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Tips For Choosing Good Domain Names

Domain names are the names a person types in a web browser when they want to go to a website. One of the most crucial aspects of having an online business is choosing the right name. It can be the difference between having many returning customers, and never having any. In this article, I will give you some of the important things you should consider while making this choice.

People buy domain names for business and personal reasons. Online business is flourishing today and people are always on the onset looking for newer, attractive domains. Personalized domains have also increased largely. 

With increase in the number of internet users around the world people want to know how to purchase domain names without any hassle. When it comes to it, choosing the right domain name for business is essential and it has to be dependable and affordable too. Before buying domain names keep in mind the nature of your business and your product profile. Apart from these, your online target market should be kept in mind.

While you would like to have a name the fits in with the subject material of the site, you also want to use one that's easy to remember. Too many words in the domain name can make remembering it difficult. Try to keep your domains to under three words if it's at all possible.

Everyone wonders how to purchase domain names after selecting the name. It is simple as you just have to identify a domain register, as he would help you on how to purchase domain names that you have chosen. If the name you want has already been used, select a different name.

Usually people love to tell the online world about all the domains they have purchased. Usually this is a mistake and brings on a lot of extra competition. I would highly recommend keeping your domains to yourself.

It is always better to ask for opinions from previous buyers of the company. They would give you pros and cons and this way you could get first hand information on customer relation policies followed by the company. This may be difficult to find at times, so usually it's wise to take a look at the sites of internet marketing experts to see who they would recommend.

Owning domains is a blast, and is a lot like owning real estate. Find your domains and enjoy!
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ways To Maximize Your Affiliate Profits

It is not difficult to understand the concept of affiliate marketing. You will put affiliates on websites and promote the products. When someone clicks your link and buy the products you are promoting, you will get a portion of the sales made. Consequently you can make more money if the payouts of the products are higher. The key becomes how you find these products and where you are going to promote them.

So how can you make most money out of affiliate marketing? Indeed it is not any easy question to answer there is no definite answer for this question. However, there are some rules of thumb for you so that you can start it a bit easier.

In order to find the top selling products to promote, you should try to get some statistics of the testimonial page of the products. The testimonial page with more page views may imply a higher volume of sales. And then you well try to find ways to sell and promote the products. You can discuss the products in different online communities. However, you should discuss them in communities which are related to your products. You should bear in mind that you should never spam these online communities.

Usually the affiliate program you join will provide you banners and even landing pages! However, you should always study them and see if they are good enough for you. If you find them not good enough, you can certainly create your own banners or landing pages. You may also add specific information about the products which are not included in the landing pages that the affiliate program provides.

Besides, many webmasters reported that e-book is a good means of promotion. You can put an e-book on your site and let surfers to download it for free. As a matter of fact everyone loves free items. And you can put your affiliate links in this e-book so that you can increase the chance of making money.

On your website, you can also talk about your personal experiences on certain products. In fact, you can write reviews of the products. Many people are searching for reviews on the web and if they find that the products you promote work, they may probably make the decision to purchase.

You should never subscribe to one affiliate program only .There may be a few programs which are promoting products of similar nature and you can put all these products on your website since they are all related. And this increases the chance of conversions.

The above are some of the ways to promote and advertise your products. In order to maximize the profits, you have to think out of the box. You should also combine different methods in order to make them more effective. If you can find your own way to promote, you will be very close to success.
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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ideas For Increasing Ecommerce Profits

Ecommerce is the practice of conducting business on the World Wide Web. Itas an interesting fact that many companies thriving on the internet do not have large facilities as they act simply as order-takers; they process the telephone calls or online requests and the merchandise is actually sent by the manufacturer from another location. Itas maximizing the web to its utmost potential, often giving home-based companies the success of other larger businesses. If youare already involved, get ready for some other exciting possibilities.

The best ecommerce practices involve staying in touch with customers. This helps ensure repeat business, which saves advertising and marketing dollars. One great way to do this is to ask for their email address using squeeze pages, check boxes, and other tools. When you get the address, keep the information flowing with newsletters, notices of events and sales, and even informative articles on things that relate to your product.

Advertising is truly at that heart of ecommerce, yet no one likes to get spam. So use the internet in other ways. Social bookmarking, social networking, and sites like MySpace and Squidoo can do wonders to boost your profitability. In fact, these sites provide some of the best ecommerce outlets on the internet because of the high membership and ease of communication and link building.

The five best ways or proved ideas to succeed in ecommerce are highlighted here. The first is to have a site without problems; it should look good, but more importantly work well and smoothly. Nothing turns customers away quicker than a website that doesnat work or where items canat easily be found.

After your site is online and functioning, the second thought will be to attract customers to your site. Take advantage of multiple practices such as SEO and other keyword initiatives to help you further your profitable ecommerce business. They're proven to work when done right.

Third, when considering how to develop a lucrative ecommerce venture, you will want to develop an overall Internet marketing and promotional plan. SEO and drawing traffic to your site is vital. But, there are other marketing programs and plans that you will want to involve yourself with at this time.

Fourth, in order to better assure your odds of enjoying lucrative ecommerce success you might want to call upon the services of a professional. An experienced professional can help you develop a plan of action for a lucrative ecommerce enterprise.Finally, when it comes to lucrative ecommerce you will want to develop strategic alliances with other companion enterprises that are in operation on the Net today.

By paying attention to these steps and pointers you will be well on your way to enjoying lasting success in the competitive world of ecommerce in the 21st century.No doubt you can find many other ways to use the internet for the best ecommerce communication, and remember that every day someone thinks of yet another way to use it to its fullest. That person might as well be you, so put your thinking cap on and find yet another way to make money out there.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tips For Starting A Home Based Business

Establishing a Home Based Business online is one of the most lucrative and fast growing business today

There are numerous advantages for starting a Home Based Business which include; flexible hours with family and friends, financial freedom and independence from a stagnant career. An Internet business does not require a lot of money and you can enjoy being your own boss.

It takes hard work, research, focus and patience in order to be successful in any offline or online business. The money you earn will not come instantly. Many people will advertise quick money schemes. Be aware, you cannot make money in less than a month.

A Home Based Business all begins with determining your passion or hobby in a way that you can create an online business that is fun and also one that you are comfortable with. You could consider it as simply as a website to interact with others that share your same interests.

You may want to research your passion or hobby to find out what direction or marketplace your online business will focus on. You would probably find that there are many different facets within your business that would compliment each other for an additional new and exciting online opportunity.

Another idea would be to try to solve a problem that many people might encounter. Remember, the best customers are people who are frustrated because they need help and are willing to spend money to get it. You can help them solve their problems by writing reports or e-books, create videos or tutorials, coach people, and so much more.

Having a mentor in your field can help you to develop your Home Based Business in a shorter time frame. Research how they got started and begin to shadow some of their business techniques. Learn how they became successful, where they are promoting their products or service and what tools they are using to advertise.

Advertising is a primary key to the success of your Home Based Business. Getting people's attention and directing them to your website is called traffic. Without it, nobody would know of your new business and the products or service which you are trying to sell.

Advertising can be very exspensive. But, there are different techniques you can learn and apply without spending a small fortune. Remember, whatever skills you learn today can be applied tomorrow to any of your other business ventures.
There are many free ways to advertise your new business such as; blogs, article writing, press releases, emailing and classified ads.

Relationship building is another vital aspect to the success of your Home Based Business. To get repeat business from existing customers, try to make your customers feel very comfortable when they interact with you. Speak to them as if they have known you most of their life. People tend to buy from someone whom they feel they can trust.

Those of us who have work from home jobs are open to new opportunities and changes to our lifestyle.

If you are thinking about starting a Home Based Business, always remember, it is a learning process. There are companies that can help you get started and they will also share with you the secrets necessary to be successful so that you don't have to re-invent the wheel.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Management Degree: A Great Career Opportunity

If you wish to succeed in today’s business world, you will need a management degree. Most companies are requiring a business or finance degree before they will even read your resume, so arm yourself with the kind of education that will help you attain your goals throughout your career in business.

You may be searching for where you begin the process to earning a management degree. If your goal is to receive your degree and use it to get a good job using the skills you have learned, you are on the right track. If you are currently completing high school, there are most likely many resources and individuals that can assist you in applying to colleges and for scholarship aid.

What happens if you want to change careers late in life? What happens, if your young adulthood was spent raising a family, and you are entering the world of business later than most people? It is not necessary to try to be happy by accepting the first offer than comes your way and not being happy with the low wages at the ground level. It does not matter if you are already working in the management field, and you are hoping to update your management skills, you can always get the management degree from school, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Going to school at night is a good choice for many people who want to go to school, but still need the income provided by their current jobs. Another good choice is going to school online; that way you can attend classes when you have the time. With online education, you can take care of your day to day errands and keep your job.

Once you begin a management program, you may be surprised at the workload required to attain your degree. You will have to read through business books extensively, and understand the ways in which you can motivate your future employees. You will also have to learn a lot about employee benefits and legal issues, delving into aspects of business you had never even heard of before. All of this hard work will come to fruition when you graduate and apply for the job to which you aspire.

When people see that you have a management degree, they no longer think that it is just a general degree with no specific skills. An employer will know that an employee with a management degree has many valuable skills. These skills include negotiation, relations between employees, and motivation techniques. As a person with a management degree, you can depend on better opportunities and money.

If you are interested in succeeding in the modern business world, chances are you’ll need a management degree. When you begin your quest for a degree in management, it will seem like a lot of work. You’ll be required to pore through business books and learn how to motivate employees. You’ll have to learn about employee benefits and legal rights. You’ll delve into parts of management that you didn’t even know existed. Holders of this degree are skilled in many areas including negotiation, employee relations, and techniques of motivation. Obtaining a degree in management is a major key to employ-ability and a high level of profitability.
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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Easiest Way to Drive Massive Revenues Through Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is truly one of the most powerful and easiest models online to generate massive cash quickly. There is a wide range of web affiliate programs now available to suit you and your site.

Most of the people start an affiliate program and stuff it with all the PPC advertising slots. They do all these things thinking that when a visitor doesn't find what they want through their program, maybe they will click on the ads and bring some lingering outcome to the owner.
If you are confident enough with the product representing as an affiliate, then, there is no need to rely on any significant PPC Advertising to recover the losses that you may think will happen.

To ensure a quality affiliate revenue program follow these hidden strategies.

1) A quality affiliate revenue company helps you to achieve your goal. They assist you in marketing the product, providing the best customer service leaving back the trust within them in you and your company.

2) The current statistics is provided by a quality affiliate revenue program, which is verifiable. Few revenue sharing sites depend upon outdated data, which will present them in the best light.

3) A quality affiliate revenue site will make sure you have a variety of advertising methods available. Some sites only provide one advertising banner and that can get stale pretty fast. A rotating supply of banners will keep things fresh.

4) A quality affiliate revenue company supplies you with good knowledge-based articles and helps in boosting your skills in Search Engine Optimization strategies. It is important to analyze and compare your website statistics month to month in order to make appropriate changes and to improve your search engine marketing results.

5) A regular newsletter or promoting the product in ezines can be a perfect tool in boosting your affiliate revenues. The best way to find quality ezines to advertise your affiliate program in is by using Directory of Ezines. A quality affiliate revenue program will realize their success is tied to their affiliates, who do the best to drive traffic to their primary website.

6) The primary desire of a quality affiliate revenue company is keeping their affiliates informed. A good affiliate revenue firm keeps their team updated in all aspects, such as the changes in strategy, pricing or sales points, so they can regulate their individual sites appropriately.

By following these simple ways, you can drive massive revenues by carefully choosing the best affiliate programs.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Trade Show Do and Don't

Numerous amounts of exhibitors make so many mistakes while exhibiting at trade shows. Many wonder why they see poor ROI from their trade shows. Some of the do and don'ts are listed below

1. Corner booths can sometimes be the answer to your quest for traffic flow These locations may cost more, but despite costs they may be worth it based on the amount of traffic exposure (more exposure - more sales) Corner booths are more visible and have two or more sides of traffic flow. Getting such a location might be the answer to your returns on investment.

2. Provide a give away to show attendees who visit your booth. Be sure to meet and greet the attendee when they pick up a give-away. Swipe there card or get a business card. When picking a giveaway make sure you choose something that relates to your booth and product. It should have your company name and contact information on it

3. Preshow marketing is a great example of getting people to show up at your booth. Send out invitation to show attendees via e-mail or regular mail. Provide some sort of raffle or give-away incentive

4. Booth location can be a great traffic getter. Locate your booth in the second row from the front of the convention hall is usually the best location for incoming traffic. People like to settle in to the convention hall before being confronted. Another great location for traffic is usually by the bath rooms and or the food court area.

5. In any type of booth whether an inline or an Island never sit in your booth at lease in a low chair. If you sit make sure you do not block any entrance path to your booth, for example an inline booth try to sit off to the side near the aisle. Try not to sit as much as possible standing gets more attention. To help with this try to use double padding on your booth. This can make a world of difference on your sales force backs and feet

6. Try not to show too many videos. Use videos as 30 second commercials with flash and sound. Loop your videos to repeat. Keep these video simple and flashy, it should be an eye catching commercial

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Money - It's a Matter of Time

Some people have plenty of discretionary time, but not much money to enjoy that time. Other people, however, have excess discretionary money, but not much time in which to enjoy that money. In many ways, money and time are closely linked together.

I remember when I first recognized the close link between time and money. In order to meet an important deadline at work, we were working mandatory 60-hour weeks. I had to pass up some fairly important family events as a result.

I remember feeling very strongly that I was not in control of my time. I realized that once a moment of time has passed, it is gone forever. It became clear to me that I was trading substantial amounts of my time for money. And, I wasn't convinced that I was ending up with the better bargain.

Benjamin Franklin is a founding father in the United states. During the 1700's, he was a respected inventor, statesman, and writer. Ben was influential in both the United States and Europe. He helped originate daylight savings time, public libraries, the modern weather bureau, electric explosives, the Franklin stove, and bifocal glasses, among other innovations.

Ben worked to intelligently convert his time into money while he was young. At the printing house he owned, he worked hard and put in long hours. He was known throughout the community as an example of industrious labor, and his influence and affluence grew year by year as a result. In fact, he did this so well that he was able to step completely away from his day-to-day business affairs by age 42. At that point, he was able to convert his money into time.
The things that Ben accomplished after age 42 are the things we remember him most for. Ben demonstrated that one of the most effective time-management strategies is good money management. He showed that, by wisely managing his money, he gained many additional options for how he could spend his time.

We can learn a powerful lesson from Ben's example. We can first convert our time into money. Then, we can convert our money into time. So what does this mean?
To begin with, we convert our time into money when we work for an income. For most of us, this begins with our first job perhaps as young as in our teens when we begin getting paid to baby sit or do yard work. We exchange our time and effort for a paycheck.

Unfortunately, many people stop there and never complete the second half of the equation.
The second step is to take a portion of the money that we receive from working and to convert it into income-producing assets. We invest a portion of our income usually 10 percent--in assets such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. As we consistently do this over a period of time, our assets can grow to the point that the income they provide to us is greater than the income we receive from working. When we reach this milestone, we have converted our money into time, since we now have the freedom to work or not to work.
This principle applies to anyone in any type of job or profession executive, secretarial, manual labor, or whatever. It is completely non-discriminatory. Even a teenager can build the foundation to become a millionaire by investing $100 a month.

Interestingly, assets can also be created without money. The Beetles created a portfolio of assets--their music albums--that have provided them with millions of dollars of income. J.K. Rowling has created assets--the Harry Potter books--that have turned her into a billion-dollar author. Many average, ordinary people have created similar assets on a smaller scale, directly converting their time and effort into income-producing assets.

Although most of us will not accomplish the same types of things that Ben Franklin accomplished, the money mastery principles he used are just as powerful today as they were 250 years ago. As you master your own money, you will find that you have more options available for your time than you ever thought possible.

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Guidelines for Career advancement with Part Time Courses

Guidelines for Career advancement with Part Time Courses

Whether you're an ambitious professional hoping to advance your current career, or a dreamer looking for a fresh start on a new and exciting career path, accredited part time courses are a great way to become adequately qualified and ensure your success. However, pursuing a new qualification while working on a full time basis and meeting all the demands of a busy modern lifestyle can be challenging. 

Part time courses and flexible learning courses, such as night classes, online training or distance learning, are all convenient, sustainable options for full time employees seeking postgraduate qualifications. The following guidelines will help you make an informed decision and overcome the difficulties you may encounter in the process.

Set goals for yourself: Take some time to think about what you hope to accomplish with this qualification. Asking yourself questions, such as “Where do I see myself in 5 years' time?” and “Am I passionate enough about this course to persevere when it gets tough?” will help you think carefully about your study options and their desired impact on your future.

Do some research: This is a critical step when deciding on the right course. Dedicate some time to research when you can give it your undivided attention. Resources like career websites and  education websites will provide a wealth of information on flexible learning courses. Look into a variety of Institutes, considering their location, the learning formats they offer and the accreditation of their courses. Clear goals and competent research will allow you to make the choice that best suits your lifestyle.

Talk about it: Taking on the additional responsibility of studying while working is a big step, and can be demanding on your time. Before applying for the course, be sure to discuss your decision with your family; their support can be a source of great encouragement, and they can help you plan your schedule. Meet with your employers to discuss your decision as well. Be honest about your goals. Discuss how your work and study schedules may affect each other, and whether you will need to take any study leave. If you present this information to them in a concise, well-researched manner, they will appreciate your conscientiousness and offer their support. Some may even offer financial aid.

Consider your budget: Make sure you know the cost of your chosen course, and plan your budget accordingly. If you are in need of a student loan, apply as early as possible to ensure that you do not have to deal with additional financial strain. Some employers may also be willing to to pay for their employees' further education, as it is in their interests to employ skilled individuals with cutting-edge qualifications.

Manage your time: Plan your personal timetable well in advance, allocating adequate time for work, classes, study sessions, family responsibilities and of course some recreation or exercise. You may find you need to be flexible at some points, but if you follow a realistic schedule as diligently as possible, the rewards will be worthwhile.

Part time courses can be greatly rewarding, and following the above steps will help you to fully enjoy the benefits.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Poster Printing

Posters hold important information about events, products or places. Therefore, every poster printed should be very effective. So in order to do this, you have to do without any mistakes.

The following are some tips for efficient posters:

  • Make Sure You That Your Text Is Free of Errors

This is a very simple task but oftentimes overlooked by most people. So give a lot of importance on your text. A simple misspelling or error in grammar may have adverse effects. This would also pose a bad image to your company. Your readers might lose their trust in your company. In addition, reprinting all the poster copies and distributing them again would waste a lot of effort, time and money. This trouble and stress may be avoided by just doing one simple task – proofreading.

  • The Images Used Must Be Flawless

Besides the text, you must also pay attention to the images used in your poster printing. There can also be errors for these pictures. A wrong position, color or size may be misinterpreted. It may give new meaning to your poster, and this may not necessarily be pleasant. It may look funny or not honorable. So take the extra effort in checking your images.

  • Check Your Settings

Before handing your project to a printing company you have chosen. Make sure that your settings are set right. Check for the dimensions, color mode, and other properties that would have great effect on your output. You can ask help from the printing company for this step.

  • Send Your Poster Design with Different Formats

It is not enough to just send your file. You must ensure that the format you saved your file is useful. This means that the printing company can easily edit your poster design if needed. Therefore, it would be smart to make several copies of your design in different formats. This would lessen the effort and time wasted if an error occurs. This would ensure a smooth printing process.

  • Check Again

After doing all these steps, remember to recheck everything. No one is perfect and that is why you have to recheck all the things done. It is better to spend 5 minutes checking, rather than hours of editing and reprinting your marketing tool.
If all these things are done correctly, you can expect a hassle- and worry-free poster printing process.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Basics of Internet Marketing and Monetization

So  here we are, learning the basics about internet marketing and monetization strategies.

The  first question is what is internet marketing? Internet marketing (also known as online marketing) refers to every form of effort that uses the web to increase sales of a product. Yes this makes sense, if you have a website and you want to increase advertisement revenues, you need an online marketing strategy. There are a lot of internet marketing forms, but I will list only the ones, I personally think are the best (there is no “best” form, this depends only on the person who does the whole marketing strategy). Here they are :
·         Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
o    The main target here is to increase traffic coming the search engines (which can be huge, like reeeally huge), therefore to increase all revenues of a website.
·         Social Media Marketing
o    The same as SEO, but here we use only the social medias, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others…
·         Pay Per Click
o    Everybody knows AdWords, right? Well here you use these services, to increase revenues of a service/product you advertise
·         E-Mail Marketing

o    The least effective method in my opinion. You collect e-mails, then send e-mails, again to increase traffic/sales of a website/product.

These are the main online marketing forms. There are other forms (like Guerrilla marketings), but most of them are useless or too complicated for start-ups (usually, but this may not be always valid!).
In the next part I am going to write about what are the requirements and how to start with the internet marketing strategy of a project/website. Also I am going to separate SEO and Social Media Marketing into different categories wit h articles, so if you are interested especially in these forms of marketing, don’t forget to follow the blog!
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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Designing Top Quality Business Cards

Every business card is different. Business owners and professions would want to create a unique business card printing so they can attract attention easily. There are several ways to create an attention-grabbing card. You can create any design you want or put any information in your cards, but you have to understand that business cards come in three kinds: insufficient, good enough, and enhanced cards. An insufficient card does not contain complete information. Good enough cards are adequate, and enhanced cards contain more than what the basic card requires. 

If you want to make sure that your business cards are effective, you need to make sure that they are adequate and at the same time enhanced. It’s actually a cross between these two cards. 

The following are the basic information that should be present on all your cards:

1. Your name and business name. This is something you should never forget to put in your cards
2. Title or your position in the company.
3. The nature of your business. It is important that you tell people what type of business you are. If your business name does not clearly state what you do, be sure to put a short tag line or description in your card. 
4. Phone numbers. This can be your business line, mobile, or direct number. If you include several numbers, highlight the number which you prefer people to use.
5. Fax number.
6. Street address. In case people want to reach you by snail mail or want to go to your store.
7. Web site and email address. This is important in today’s high-tech business world.
8. Logo. This is important to help make your business easy to recognize.

9. You can also include your accounts in your social media accounts such as your Facebook or Twitter page. 

In terms of the design of your cards, here are some things you need to know: 

1. As much as possible stay with the standard design and shape to make sure your cards fit the standard card holder. Use thick and durable card stock so your cards don’t get crumpled easily. Also, use a simple font that will make your contact details easy to read. Even the colors you use have to be picked carefully. Choose colors that relate best to your business and gives you the best representation. This will make sure that your cards don’t get left out in the pack.

2. Use creative and unique shapes. A unique shape that does not exceed the standard size of business cards is ideal to you. You can put unique edges in your cards or put interesting images. This will help people remember you and your business much easily.

3. Print in color. Black and white printing is no longer effective these days. People are more responsive to colored cards these days. If you don’t have enough budget to print full color printing, you can always go for two or four colors instead. These are much more inexpensive to print than full-color printing. 

4. Get the service of a reliable printing company. They will help you create your cards in the best possible way. They have the skill, knowledge, and tools required to help you get the best business card templates.

Be sure to get the best business cards for your business. They will represent you in front of your customers, so it’s important that they are designed well.
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Monday, August 1, 2016

Free Keyword Research tools

At this time there are lot’s of Keyword research tool’s available in the market including all paid and free tool’s. For beginners it’s really tough to spend some heavy cash on stuff like keyword research tool. So, I always recommend free stuff for beginners.

Some of the tools listed below has their pro version in market too. Pro version is always better than free version. Yet, these tools are very useful. Hence, I recommend this tool’s.I tried to list best from Internet.

 So, here is the list.

Google AdWords Keyword Research tool / Keyword Planner

Google AdWords Keyword Research tool is one of the best and basic tool. This tool is powered by Search engine industry giant Google. Every SEO professional can’t forget to use this tool while doing their research. This tool Provides all the real search results for keyword research.In upcoming days Google Decided to shut Down this keyword research tool and bring new Keyword planner in the market. According to Google, ‘Keyword Planner will make keyword research much more easier”.

Google Trends

Google Trends is another good place for hunting Keyword’s. Trends is also built by Google. As per name suggests Google Trends is used to find Trending Keyword’s on the Internet.Another good feature of Google Trends is you can compare multiple trending keywords at one place.This tool will show all the graphical reports for your trending keywords. I loved this tool very much.

SEO book’s Keywords Tool

This keyword Research tool is one of the fully complete tool on internet.This tool is powered by Wordtracker. It shows all the important statistics from Google, Yahoo! and MSN daily estimates. Tool Provides Google Trends, Yahoo! Suggest and Google Suggest results too. Anyone can export huge list of keywords from this tool easily and save it for further research in the form of .csv file.

SEMRUSH (Free Version)

SEMRUSH comes with basic ( free version) and its upgrade (Pro Version). Pro version costs around $70 per month.Let, me clear some points here. SEMRUSH is fully active seo tool and can be used for seo. SEMRUSH cost too high and not affordable for any beginner blogger. So, just forget about Pro and go for free version. Take as much as you can from it.SEMRUSH is one of the full-proof option for seo research.


WordPot is another good option for doing regular seo Keyword research.The tool is awesome and shows exact result. Apart, from that owner of this tool limited many features of this tool for free users. Yet it’s very useful in your keyword Research.

Bing Keyword Research (Beta Version)

New Bing Keyword Research tool is still in development mode. Yet, it’s one of the good place for your keyword research. This tool is based and powered by Bing (another search engine industry name).Hopefully it’s another reasearch tool with full functions and works like sharpen blade for research. Although, this tool only provides statistics and trends about Bing Search Engine.

Over to You!

This list is created after exploring lots of time on Internet and doing research with around 20 Keyword Research tools. Tools mentioned above are works best for me with zero cost. Yet, there are some awesome paid tools available on internet. I decided to write one more post for this all paid tools.

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