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Simple ways to increase subscribers of YouTube : Video Blogging Channel

With technology taking huge leaps, the world of internet has grown beyond any limit today. Creating own personalised websites and blogs has become a thing now. Video blogging is a similar niche which has gained huge popularity in recent times. In case you have seen other people drawing a lot of visibility for their YouTube video blogging channels, you must be wondering how they manage to do this. What about achieving a similar visibility for your own Youtube video blogging channel ?

Building an audience is the first thing to be kept in mind while aiming at increasing the number of subscribers for your YouTube video blogging channel.

  • Increase Subscribers of Youtube Video Blogging Channel

  • YouTube Subscribers

YouTube subscribers are the people who choose to FOLLOW your YouTube  Video Blogging channel in order to stay updated with your posts and latest videos. These subscribers are the people who watch, comment, follow, like as well as share your streamed videos with others. If you want to create an online community of viewers, you should first concentrate on building a fine community of subscribers.

  • Below are some magical steps which will definitely help you in building a powerful community of fans or as we call them SUBSCRIBERS.

  • Ask for subscribers
This is one of the simplest and most common method. You must have seen people asking for subscriptions at the end of their videos. Simply follow the league. Always ask your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube Channel. Make the subscription call compelling enough that they will surely hit the Subscribe button above your video.

Here’s what to tell them for making a subscription call more compelling:

  • Why to subscribe?
  • What to subscribe for?
  • How to subscribe?
For instance, “click the Subscribe button present right below this video so that you do not miss the cool tips that I will be sharing in my upcoming videos”.

  • Partnership with other featured Youtube video blogging channels Simply reach out to other featured video channels on YouTube. This is a great way for scooping up more subscribers for your own video channel. On your channel page, there is an option to “Add featured channels of You Tubers whom you follow or would like to recommend”.

  • Consistent interaction

First of all, you need to understand that YouTube is not just a video streaming platform; rather it has a lot to offer. It is important to be in regular touch with other members of YouTube community. For this purpose, offer your support to people in their marketing efforts by liking, commenting and subscribing as much as possible.

Regularly look out for new YouTube channels in order to maintain a set of great fellow video channels.

  • Use annotations
These are the tiny colourful notes that people stick all over their videos before uploading them. The key is not to overuse this tool, rather make use of the right number of annotations to make it look attractive. There are 2 methods of adding annotations:


Add BUTTON or GRAPHIC which will redirect to the subscriber page of your channel.

  • Add YouTube widgets

In case you own any web property getting nice traffic, then you are half through already. Ask your followers there to subscribe your video channel as well.

  • Adding the YouTube subscriber widget along the side of your blog/ website will make it easier for people to find your videos.
  • Simply add a graphic anywhere on your video and instruct people.
  • Create payoffs
  • One of the most favourite and effective methods ever is including payoffs in your Youtube video blogging channels.
  • Identify the number of current subscribers.
  • Set a new higher target.
  • Choose a payoff that is to be given once the target is achieved.
  • Share your target with the world. DO NOT forget to share your payoff as well.
Final Words
This will definitely make more and more people to reach out for your YouTube Video Blogging channel. You just need to do everything in right way.

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