Sunday, July 24, 2016

Online Tools to Copy Text from Images

Sometimes we need to copy text from images and we type text manually from image but what happened when we need to copy text from hundred’s of images and every image is full of text ? 

It is not a good practice to type all the text manually from images. So for this purpose we require any software who scan our image and give all the text from image in the text format. 

There are many software 
available in the market who do this job for you but its always irritating me to download trail versions of softwares on my computer. Most of the softwares are not for free, So we move to the Online Tools who do these type jobs for us. First good thing of online tools is that we don’t need to download and install heavy softwares in our machines and second is they are absolutely free of cost because they earn from their advertisements not by selling their products.

These type of Softwares / Online tools are mostly called as OCR (Optical character Recognition). You may search on Google with these terms to find tools and software for this type of task. Let’s start to review best Online tools who copy and extract text from images. These tools are very useful and chosen by me, I am also used them when needed.


This tool extract text from image (JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF) and convert into editable Word, Text, Excel, PDF, Html output formats. Converted documents by using this look exactly looks like the original one. It place all the data in right place like Tables, columns and graphics etc. This tool allows you to convert 15 images per hour without registration. Maximum 4 Mb file size support to upload.


This is another best online OCR it support many image and document formats. It also allows you to give URL of image which you want to extract. It also supports many other languages with English. You should specify language before upload your file.


This is another tool to perform same task. It is much secure then others. I is not save or allows search engines to indexed extracted data by its users. It also supports many formats including all common image  and document formats. Its supports many low resolution and low quality images to extract text
So these are some great features of this tool.


The last, it is another nice tool for same purpose but it has some restrictions. It only allows you to upload maximum 2 MB file with no higher resolution than 5000 pixels. There is also another limit that you are not allowed to upload more than 10 image per hour.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Common Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

There are several mistakes which job seekers make during the process of getting hired, they are developing their documents very quickly and making all sort of mistakes in their documents and they failed to provide valid document during their interview process.

Mistakes which job seekers while applying for their related job are as follows:

  • Focusing too much on GPA

Most of the candidate are putting a lot of focus on GPA they have received in the college; they are making it sure that highlighting the GPA will brought themselves into their career job they are seeking. In much organization, GPA is not important criteria to judge and analyze the candidates, different organization review the GPA as one of the accomplishment of the candidate.

  • Research work is missing

Several organizations are seeking candidates based on the research they had carried during the course of their college life. Through the research work, they are able to analyze and access the potential of employee thinking process, their research pattern, they skills to develop to carry out a research work in the organization.

For instance, if the candidate is applying for a job in marketing and sales department, the organization would seek candidate ability and skills set required to carry out a marketing research for a new product launch in the market and if the candidate lacks these skills he or she wouldn’t be awarded these tasks.

If the candidate is able to produce a valid research analysis and feedback report to the organization then on the basis of the that document they will be able to provide them responsibility to conduct marketing research work for the particular product they are going to launch in the market.

  • Lacking knowledge about the industry trend

A lot of candidates don’t involve themselves in seeking knowledge and information pertaining to trend of the industry, which is missing in their documents. Seeking an industry trend is always advisable for candidates who are willing to join the company having the necessary information about the availability of the jobs in the industry and opportunities to grow in the industry.

  • Considering a full time job

Candidates avoid employing themselves in the part – time; they want to have in their professional life. They are some organization which is offering part – time jobs and some organizations offering full time jobs, it is important for the candidates to consider the part – time also keeping in view they are able to excel in their jobs in both categories.

  • Focused on the job related to degree

Sometimes candidate fails to understand that if they offered job in an organization not related to the qualification they have earned in the college, they tend to reject it. The candidate shall be able to understand the advantages of doing the job other than their related field of specialization so that they are able to learn from the jobs available in other field.

  • Inappropriate dressing during the working hours

Quite often candidate fails to wear dresses according to the code specified in the policy of the organization, wearing casual dresses will make them feel uncomfortable while they will not be allowed to enter in the organization.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

How to get New Topics daily for Fresh Blog Posts

Content of the website is most important ingredient in fact content is a soul of your website because users visit your site for content that you offer. So let's imagine if your blog has no content it is just soulless that means dead. Every blogger knows importance of content so if you want get success in blogging, you have to update your blog with fresh content daily or at least 4 times in a week but the problem is comes out when you have time, want to create fresh and original content for your blog but your mind have no ideas for post a new article. If you get one topic for today’s post then the next day again you have to find a new hot topic for your post. Which is sometimes give a reason to copy content from other sites by newbies bloggersFrom where to get new ideas and topic for daily posts on my blog ? 

Today we will try to get the answer of this question.

Choose your blog’s niche carefully

First of all, when you decide to start blog, research on your niche. Your niche has some scoop. You must have a deep knowledge and grip on the topic. You have thirst to learn more on your selected niche. If you select right niche for your blog, there are less chances that you face run short of content or topics. So spend some time to think when choosing your blog’s topic.Write on the topics that you need
 Sometimes we face any problem and search on the web and don’t find any reliable solution but after doing some experiments getting help from others we finally get success to solve our issue. You may post that experience with your readers because if you face problem today, may be someone other facing same problem in the future, so can give suggestions and share your experience to solve that issue which will help others too.

Give the Solutions of Problems
No matter what is your niche, Join popular forums, groups on social media sites like Facebook Groups which are related to your blog’s niche and read the issues and problems facing by others. In the forums and groups many newbies ask questions. They just need your help. So you may be get benefit if you know the solution of their problems. Simply write the new post on that topic with the guidelines to solve the problem and give the link on the forum thread’s reply. You will get three benefits from it. First You will get one backlink from that forum and in this case forum moderator easily accepted your post link because you share relevant link for helping user. Second, you get a hungry visitor or customer if you offer some product. Third you are getting new fresh topic for your blog. Is it not cool !? 

See Trends on Social Media
Keep eye on the latest trends of your niche, touched with social media and see what people talks about. Try to target hot topics. You get new ideas from social sites, by chatting peoples, to see friends posts. Trending in more important in the field of SEO, if you successfully target the hottest trend of the time you might be received thousands of hits by writing single post. yes, its true. So trends on the social media will definitely help out for giving some cool and new ideas to write updated and fresh posts on your blog
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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Simple ways to increase subscribers of YouTube : Video Blogging Channel

With technology taking huge leaps, the world of internet has grown beyond any limit today. Creating own personalised websites and blogs has become a thing now. Video blogging is a similar niche which has gained huge popularity in recent times. In case you have seen other people drawing a lot of visibility for their YouTube video blogging channels, you must be wondering how they manage to do this. What about achieving a similar visibility for your own Youtube video blogging channel ?

Building an audience is the first thing to be kept in mind while aiming at increasing the number of subscribers for your YouTube video blogging channel.

  • Increase Subscribers of Youtube Video Blogging Channel

  • YouTube Subscribers

YouTube subscribers are the people who choose to FOLLOW your YouTube  Video Blogging channel in order to stay updated with your posts and latest videos. These subscribers are the people who watch, comment, follow, like as well as share your streamed videos with others. If you want to create an online community of viewers, you should first concentrate on building a fine community of subscribers.

  • Below are some magical steps which will definitely help you in building a powerful community of fans or as we call them SUBSCRIBERS.

  • Ask for subscribers
This is one of the simplest and most common method. You must have seen people asking for subscriptions at the end of their videos. Simply follow the league. Always ask your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube Channel. Make the subscription call compelling enough that they will surely hit the Subscribe button above your video.

Here’s what to tell them for making a subscription call more compelling:

  • Why to subscribe?
  • What to subscribe for?
  • How to subscribe?
For instance, “click the Subscribe button present right below this video so that you do not miss the cool tips that I will be sharing in my upcoming videos”.

  • Partnership with other featured Youtube video blogging channels Simply reach out to other featured video channels on YouTube. This is a great way for scooping up more subscribers for your own video channel. On your channel page, there is an option to “Add featured channels of You Tubers whom you follow or would like to recommend”.

  • Consistent interaction

First of all, you need to understand that YouTube is not just a video streaming platform; rather it has a lot to offer. It is important to be in regular touch with other members of YouTube community. For this purpose, offer your support to people in their marketing efforts by liking, commenting and subscribing as much as possible.

Regularly look out for new YouTube channels in order to maintain a set of great fellow video channels.

  • Use annotations
These are the tiny colourful notes that people stick all over their videos before uploading them. The key is not to overuse this tool, rather make use of the right number of annotations to make it look attractive. There are 2 methods of adding annotations:


Add BUTTON or GRAPHIC which will redirect to the subscriber page of your channel.

  • Add YouTube widgets

In case you own any web property getting nice traffic, then you are half through already. Ask your followers there to subscribe your video channel as well.

  • Adding the YouTube subscriber widget along the side of your blog/ website will make it easier for people to find your videos.
  • Simply add a graphic anywhere on your video and instruct people.
  • Create payoffs
  • One of the most favourite and effective methods ever is including payoffs in your Youtube video blogging channels.
  • Identify the number of current subscribers.
  • Set a new higher target.
  • Choose a payoff that is to be given once the target is achieved.
  • Share your target with the world. DO NOT forget to share your payoff as well.
Final Words
This will definitely make more and more people to reach out for your YouTube Video Blogging channel. You just need to do everything in right way.

Let, me know your views on this posts in comment section.

subscribe US YOUTUBE

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Move Complete Website to New Domain name: Without losing Traffic and Ranking

Moving your complete website to new domain name is very painful and difficult decision because you are actually going to change your brand name. Its easy to change hosting server. There is no fear to lose ranking, visitors and trust of your users on your brand when you change your servers but if you are going to change your domain name all these things may be affected with this act. 

But sometimes you have no choice and it is necessary to shift your same site to a new domain name. May be you have following reasons 

  • ·         Want to change domain name because current name is too long and difficult to remember
  • ·         Currently using free sub-domain and want to use top level domain name
  • ·         Change brand name due to some Marketing strategy
  • ·          OR may be some other reasons
I was experienced the same thing so I decided to share it with you which help you to shift your complete website to new domain without losing a single visitor, Google PR and SERP’s. Just follow all below steps.

  •  Register Your New Domain and also Keep Your Old Domain.

Before start shifting you must make plan. First of all buy domain name on which you want to move your website. If you are going to buy aged domain must take care because sometimes old domains are banned by search engines. These domains are blacklisted or affected by penalty algorithms like panda or penguin.

  • Upload Website data and all its files to new Server.
After register your new domain, upload all files of your website in your new server. Keep in mind that you don’t delete website from your old server. Just copy all files and folders to new server. So that you have two same sites with different domains.
  • Redirect 301 your Old domain to New Domain
Now open .htaccess file in your old domain server. If its is not exist create it and paste the following code in it.

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Unique content in the name of writing

Unique content is a group of articles that could differ your site with the other site. The topic of an article may be the same but the style and how to write a unique content may be different so that unique content will attract the visitor to read it.

Content means something contained inside. If I may give an example it’s similar with the birth day prizes. Naturally, a gift is square shapes. 

When someone gives you a different shape and different from others we can see that it is unique.  What you are thinking if you find things and that is unique. In the very first beginning, you can say, Wow. Means those things are superb. 

 We can feel very happy if someone says that we are unique, it means we are different.
But in this article, I do not discuss about unique faces, unique songs, or even unique prizes.  In this article we are going to talk more than faces, prizes or song. It is more complicated than that. 

We are going to talk about the unique content in the name of writing.

Many people say that they are lazy to read reading books, magazines, articles, essays or novels just because they felt that kind of thing are ordinary. In this article we are going to discuss what is unique content an how to make it happen. Unique content in writing systems is something that has to concern by writers around the world. As I said above unique means different from others. This article is paramount when you monetize blog because monetize blog is not only selling products.

In writing, we can say to make unique articles, books, essay we have to make different from other writings. It is beyond the ordinary; simply it is an extra ordinary. Writers can have unique content when they are going out to others perspectives. Other perspectives mean the way to look and the way to write must have different angles. As an example, the #1 New York best sellers, STEPHENIE MEYER success sells her writing around the world. She succeed to make an extra ordinary loves story by adding unique thing as we known twilight series. She adds vampire sides beyond the ordinary loves story. Those things are unique.

Now, how we make our own writing has its own unique. Before we are going to write something it is needed to research what the environment need. It is merely quite same as PRAMOEDYA ANANTA TOER writes his novel series. In that time, political situations raised, chaos in everywhere, but he accomplishes his political perspective by sending them in his novel. People are excited to read twilight novel series and PRAMOEDYA’s novel just because they are different. Their writing has their unique content.

Unique content shows the style of its writer.
Because after all the writers plays an important roles to deserve its unique writing. Unique content cannot stand alone without its writer. In doing writing, writers must have pre writing phase before conduct real writing. The purpose by doing so is to have a preparation in selecting favorite topicin doing writing, as novels, articles, essay, and etc. unique content come out in that phase. It is play an important role for the writers in doing writing. In this article, you already know that having unique content of our writing is easy as you read this article.
Check for plagiarism

Unique content make your blog interesting and valuable and plays important role in monetizing your blog.
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