Monday, June 27, 2016

How to start Blogging: 8 Tips for beginner

How to start blogging is very common question for newbie after planning to be a blogger. Many people think  blogging is very easy and it’s the best source to earn money in the online. What you think? is it really too easy to earn money, Never!
Blogging has never been easy and you couldn’t make a single bulk if you think that, but hard work and a passion on blogging can give you success. You may have seen many successful blog, this success isn’t come easily. There is lots of activities done on it. 

Today i will share 8 very common and basic tips that you should follow at the time of start blogging

1. Choose a niche

At first select the Keyword or niche on which your blog will be, this is very important. Only choose the topic you like and passionate about it. Don’t follow others, otherwise you will suffer later. Find a niche you know most and can write about it easily. You can use keyword planner to choose you profitable keyword.

2. Select a domain name on niche or keyword

After choosing your niche then search a domain name that is similar with your topic name or niche. It’s past strategy and was successful for SEO.  For example, If you select a niche on cricket, then your domain could be or

3. Buy a domain name and Hosting

Now you have selected your blog niche and domain name then go to a popular domain register company to buy a domain name. You can buy domain name from as it is reliable and cheap. Search your keyword on domain company site and if its available then pick it up. After that get a web hosting to host your blog, i will recommend Bluehost as it is secure and cheap.

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4. Install WordPress

Most of the hosting company is now offering 1Click WordPress install opportunity. If you buy a hosting from Blue host it has also the 1Click WordPress install facilities.

5. Get a premium WordPress theme

After installing WordPress, now your site is up and running on default design. To make a good blog you need to make your blog SEO friendly and well design. So get a SEO friendly and responsive Premium WordPress theme. You can get excellent premium WordPress theme from mythemeshop at low price.

6. Write Unique content

It’s the time to do real task, writing blog content. Now your talent and knowledge will come to play to write a unique and interesting topic for your readers. As i told earlier choose a niche only you know about, now think if you don’t have any idea how you could write on a topicc?. Never try to copy content from other blog, yes you can get idea from Google. So write SEO Optimized unique content that provides value to your readers.

7. Do on-page SEO

If your blog has 15 or more content then you have to do on page seo. Many bloggers do on-page SEO at very start of their blog and without much content. I will suggest you first write 15 quality content and then do on page seo. The reason behind this is if you submit your site very quickly without much content Google may not see your site on good eye.

8. Do Off page SEO

After finishing the  on page SEO, then you need to promote your blog to the social media, related forum, Blog, directory etc. that is off page SEO. This will brings unique traffic towards your site and creates back-link.

These are the basic8 things you could do while starting blogging,but without quality content nothing is possible. So regularly update your blog with unique and quality content that offers value to the readers.  After than one day you could be one of the successful blogger too.

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