Monday, June 27, 2016

How to start Blogging: 8 Tips for beginner

How to start blogging is very common question for newbie after planning to be a blogger. Many people think  blogging is very easy and it’s the best source to earn money in the online. What you think? is it really too easy to earn money, Never!
Blogging has never been easy and you couldn’t make a single bulk if you think that, but hard work and a passion on blogging can give you success. You may have seen many successful blog, this success isn’t come easily. There is lots of activities done on it. 

Today i will share 8 very common and basic tips that you should follow at the time of start blogging

1. Choose a niche

At first select the Keyword or niche on which your blog will be, this is very important. Only choose the topic you like and passionate about it. Don’t follow others, otherwise you will suffer later. Find a niche you know most and can write about it easily. You can use keyword planner to choose you profitable keyword.

2. Select a domain name on niche or keyword

After choosing your niche then search a domain name that is similar with your topic name or niche. It’s past strategy and was successful for SEO.  For example, If you select a niche on cricket, then your domain could be or

3. Buy a domain name and Hosting

Now you have selected your blog niche and domain name then go to a popular domain register company to buy a domain name. You can buy domain name from as it is reliable and cheap. Search your keyword on domain company site and if its available then pick it up. After that get a web hosting to host your blog, i will recommend Bluehost as it is secure and cheap.

Check:What is the difference between domains vs WebSite hosting ?

4. Install WordPress

Most of the hosting company is now offering 1Click WordPress install opportunity. If you buy a hosting from Blue host it has also the 1Click WordPress install facilities.

5. Get a premium WordPress theme

After installing WordPress, now your site is up and running on default design. To make a good blog you need to make your blog SEO friendly and well design. So get a SEO friendly and responsive Premium WordPress theme. You can get excellent premium WordPress theme from mythemeshop at low price.

6. Write Unique content

It’s the time to do real task, writing blog content. Now your talent and knowledge will come to play to write a unique and interesting topic for your readers. As i told earlier choose a niche only you know about, now think if you don’t have any idea how you could write on a topicc?. Never try to copy content from other blog, yes you can get idea from Google. So write SEO Optimized unique content that provides value to your readers.

7. Do on-page SEO

If your blog has 15 or more content then you have to do on page seo. Many bloggers do on-page SEO at very start of their blog and without much content. I will suggest you first write 15 quality content and then do on page seo. The reason behind this is if you submit your site very quickly without much content Google may not see your site on good eye.

8. Do Off page SEO

After finishing the  on page SEO, then you need to promote your blog to the social media, related forum, Blog, directory etc. that is off page SEO. This will brings unique traffic towards your site and creates back-link.

These are the basic8 things you could do while starting blogging,but without quality content nothing is possible. So regularly update your blog with unique and quality content that offers value to the readers.  After than one day you could be one of the successful blogger too.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

10 Reasons : You Must Use Google Plus for Content Marketing

10 Reasons : You Must Use Google Plus for Content Marketing

Google Plus has unfolded a tale that Google started with its search engine long back. The journey of Google dates back to search engine and the responses of the search, and today it has taken a step further by introducing your story to the concept of search.

Google found that it was important to post relevant links against your search, and make your search complete and responsive. But, with Google Plus it added authorship to the blogs and websites, thus optimizing the search and making the web a better and intuitive place for the users.

Optimization has been a constant need for website owners. SEO has been looking out for tricks and techniques that they can adopt naturally on their website. Content marketing is the new-found method of optimizing your website, and bringing more people to your website. Get a blog, write relevant content, and get more people on board. This is just the way to effectively market your website.
Content marketing seems to have gained an upper hand with Google Plus. We already Publshed few basic tips to drive traffic from Google Plus. There are some effective techniques with which you can build an excellent base by using Google Plus for Content Marketing.

Google plus for content marketing

Why You Must use Google Plus for Content Marketing?

Establish your Visibility
Google Plus, when used for content marketing, effectively establishes your presence on the internet domain. Along with being a potential strategy for optimizing your website, Google Plus has been channeled as a social networking medium. So, basically, like any other social networking site, you can create your profile, or community on Google Plus and market it to create a social media channel. Once you start posting regularly, you have established a dynamic presence on the search engine too.

Circles & Hangouts
Google Plus Hangouts
Google Plus allows you to build a successful network using the tools like hangouts and circles. You can establish presence among your select audience using these Google Plus tools, and market your content effectively to your target audience. You can group followers of your brand into various categories using the concept of circles. You can even interact with your target using hangouts, which personifies your brand excellently.
Search with Your World
Google Plus has given a new dimension to the world of search engine by adding the social network idea to it. This simply means you are optimizing your search with a valuable content. With social media attributed to search, the search ranks of your page are bound to go up. building communities and spreading your message regularly will just help optimize your website and improve the traffic coming towards it.

Content Promotion
Google Plus has provided an excellent medium using which you can effectively perform content marketing effectively for your website. Without using off page SEO or link building techniques, you can easily communicate your message to the user and get them to come to your website. With regular updates, Google Plus improves your content ranking as well as the traffic build for your website.

Google has come up with authorship program which is closely linked to Google Plus. This authorship program allows users to link their author bio and personify the content they have posted to the Google Plus. When the brand becomes more of a human than just a brand, the people tend to associate with it in a better way. Authorship has made content marketing effective and efficient thus improving the traffic to your website.

influencers Connect
Google Plus allows you to get connected with the influencers in a way that you can make them spokesperson for your brand, and make them talk positively for your brand. Influencers are the best way to attract your user’s attention and get them to start talking about your brand. Content marketing effectively induces the influencer’s attention and they will talk more about your brand now than ever.

Better Reach
You have been using Gmail for a while now! This means you have definitely built your contact on Gmail or Google for that matter. When you start promoting your content using Google Plus, this means you are reaching out to the contacts already listed as your friends. The reach is good right from the beginning and as and when you build your network it just grows.

Easy to Build Network
Compared to other social networking sites, where you need to develop your base from the scratch, Google Plus allows you to create a network using your contacts that are already a part of your circle. This gives you an easy way out when it comes to networking or building your network.

Social Recommendation
Unlike other networks, Google Plus offers a better and credible social recommendation which makes it easier for you to promote and connect. The social recommendation is a way of promotion, and building your network. This is also one of the effective mediums of improving website traffic and search rankings.

Easy Evaluation
Your circle rank is your measure of popularity on the web when you use Google Plus. It is very easy to evaluate your web presence and measure the outcome of your networking efforts when you use Google Plus.

We already listed top 10 reasons to use Google Plus for Content Marketing and there are many more small reasons. So, Google Plus is one biggest part to consider in your next Content Marketing Plan.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What is the difference between domains vs WebSite hosting

What is the difference between domains vs WebSite hosting  ?

This question is a common one which arises in the mind of a person when he wants to build a website or learn about the online business.

When I joined the online business training Wealthy Affiliate, I felt it very embarrassing  to ask “what is web hosting and domain name?” but, the environment there made me so comfortable that I cleared all of my silliest doubts, the experts there would always say- it would be silly only if you don’t ask it.Okay, I would like to explain this here in the simplest way possible..

Domain Name:-

Domain name is actually the address of your website. When we type in the address bar any url 
like the “xxx” is the domain name.
 But, whenever you use some free sites(or webpage) provided by other base websites you get a url like and in that case you have to follow the terms and conditions of the free web provider and you do not have your own unique domain name.

Is a Unique Domain Name Really Required?

It depends on your purpose of creating the website. If you are creating it for some temporary purpose or personal use then it is fine to have a free website that does not have a unique domain name.But, in order to run an online business and make maximum profit out of your site, it is very necessary to have a unique domain name as it has a huge impact on the judgement of your visitors.

 Where to Buy Domain Name?

There are multiple domain name providers over the internet but I prefer GoDadday the most as I found their service very satisfying.The rates are very affordable and right now they offer “who is guard” free for one year which is essential to keep your personal information safe(the offer may have ended,please check the website).

Web Hosting:-

Now, you have an address but the space that contains your website is the web hosting.Just like you pay the rent for a room in order to run the land based business, you will have to pay for hosting in order to run your online business.I would love to hear from you and to answer your queries so,

please do leave a comment below before leaving..

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